Air-KBZ aeronautical engineer KO Min Min Soe who was investigated on finding tree leaves in the Pilot tube of Air-KBZ has died on October 17 evening in Insein Prison.

Ko Min Min Soe was investigated after tree leaves were found in the Pilot tube of one of the Air-KBZ airplanes on October 12 and he died during the interrogation session in Insein Prison and his family was notified on October 18, according to his family.

“He died on October 17, at about 8:45pm and he were informed around 9am, October 19”, said his younger sister.
Ko Min Min Soe was a Non-CDM staffer and other staffers were also arrested on the terrorist military’s accusations when they were going to a meeting called by the office on September 11.

The terrorist military-owned media’s report of the incident, it was said that putting tree leaves in the Pilot tube could have caused the plane not being able to control the lowest speed and fall down, which would have been a dangerous situation for the passengers, the accusation stated.

Regarding the death of Ko Min Min Soe, prison officials from Insein Prison and the terrorist military spokesperson Zaw Min Tun were contacted repeatedly, but there wasn’t any response.

Now, the body of Ko Min Min Soe has been received back and will be buried at Yay Way cemetery today, October 19.

The terrorist military is torturing and interrogating those they suspect and young protesters sending them to interrogation camps when they arrest them.

According to the report of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), since the coup the terrorist military has arrested 9043 and killed 1181 civilians.

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