The international community again issued on December 24 that they condemn the severe human rights violations of the military dictator on the entire nation.

These days, they are violating the international humanitarian law by launching attacks on civilians including firing large weapons on villages in Karen State and it must stop, the statement said.

Due to these attacks, thousands of people have fled their homes and are in need of emergency humanitarian help.
It also requests for the military dictators to immediately stop arbitrary attacks on Karen State and the entire nation to keep the civilians safe in accordance with the international law.

According to the United Nations Security Council report on November 10, the international community together with the UN requested that every people who needs help be provided with full humanitarian support and safe access without any hindrances and full protection be provided for medical staffs in addition of humanitarian support.

The statement was jointly signed and issued on December 24 by Australia, Cadana, EU Embassy in Myanmar and EU member countries – Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Spain and Sweden – and Ambassadors to Myanmar, charge d’affaires and chiefs of the embassies of New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, UK and US.

(Photo – MPA / IDP civilians escaping to safety due to clashes in Lay Kay Kaw)

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