Yesterday, December 24 in Fruso and Moso of Karenni State, the terrorist military killed over 30 people including children and women by setting them on fire alive.

The killed were arrested the day before and over 30 were killed, KNDF sources said.

“Last night, in Fruso and Moso, the terrorist military burnt and killed the women, children and all they arrested along with the car. So sad for the families”, said a KNDF official.

On December 24, at about half past eleven in the morning, a fight occurred for four hours between the terrorist military which was launching attack from Demoso side and Karenni joint forces.

While the fight was ongoing, the terrorist military troops seized and destroyed cars, tractors, 11 motorbikes and some homes and arrested 10 people including a child for no reason at all.

Four members of the border guard forces who went for negotiations for the ten’s release were tied with ropes and gunned down at gunpoint by the military.

Because of the arbitrary shooting of large weapons by the terrorist military, one civilian in Moso was hurt and people in Fruso town had to escape to safety.

In Kayah State which was the first to launch armed resistance against the unjust power takeover, there have been over 100,000 who have fled their homes for safety within the period of nearly eight months since May.

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