In a fight which took place on the 25th of December near Hteemaewakhee village, in the southern part of Myawaddy town of Karen State, the chief editor of Federal Journal, poet A. Sai K. died.

Ko A. Sai K. was a poet as well as the chief editor of Federal Journal. He was hit by a large weapon and passed away, Federal Journal confirmed to MPA.

The funeral of Ko A. Sai K. who was hit on the head by a piece of an artillery is being held since the morning of December 26, said an on-ground MPA reporter.

In a clash near Hteemaewakhee village in Lay Kay Kaw Myothit in Myawaddy district’s Karen State, three PDFs were killed in the incessant shooting of artillery by the terrorist military and there were also those arrested and injured.

Over 10,000 people from Lay Kay Kaw, Hteemaewakhee, Yathaegu, Hpalu, Mae Htaw Thale, Pahikalaw, Min Let Pan villages are fleeing wars due to clashes which are occurring within Lay Kay Kaw Myothit.

Image – Funeral Service of Ko A. Sai K., Chief Editor of Federal Journal, being Held on December 26

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