On January 8, yesterday, at about 3 in the afternoon, there was reportedly a shooting between border guard forces and ARSA in the north of Maungdaw town, Rakhine State.

“Yesterday, at about past 2 in the afternoon, shots were heard. It was heard on the side of Labawwa stream”, said a village administrator around the area to MPA.

It occurred in the north of Maungdaw township, near the backside of the Kyain Chaung-Bandula road.

“We went there for cutting bamboo; while cutting, sounds were heard and they fired (at us). Six shots were fired and I got hit on my left leg”, said Ko Tun Lin.

Some local Mro residents who went for cutting bamboos on January 7 around the area where the shooting occurred were shot (attacked) by an armed group wearing guerilla uniforms and one was injured.

Eye-witnesses said that the terrorist military forces and border guard forces had carried out clearance operations around those areas.

On the 4th of this month, ARSA published many videos and photos of military training graduations assumably near the border in the north of Maungdaw.

(Image – Some Pictures ARSA Published on January 4)

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